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Kelly Snaric, Legal Assistant – Kelly has lived in the Vancouver area most of her life. She has been with Schauermann Thayer since 1998 and is one of four full-time personal injury legal assistants employed by the firm. Kelly is a graduate of the paralegal program at Clark College and has been working as a legal assistant since 1991. She graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Bryan Atchley, Legal Assistant – Bryan is one of four full-time personal injury legal assistants employed by the firm. Prior to entering the legal field, he was employed as an iron worker. When an injury prevented his ability to continue working, he seized the opportunity to return to school and to pursue his interest in law. Bryan is a graduate of the paralegal program at Clark College and has been working as a legal assistant since 2010.

Migdalia Martinez, Legal Assistant – Migdalia joined Schauermann Thayer in 2017 as the Front Desk Receptionist.  She has since been promoted to legal assistant. Migdalia is a native Spanish speaker. She enjoys having a job where she has the opportunity to help others. She brings to Schauermann Thayer years of experience working as an administrative assistant. She was born in Mexico and moved to Texas when she was 11. She learned about the Pacific Northwest when she met her husband and later moved to Oregon and loved it. Since then, she and her husband have enjoyed sight-seeing and exploring, camping, hiking, and floating down the Clackamas River in the summertime.

Maribel Webber, Legal Assistant – Maribel joined Schauermann Thayer in 2020 as a temporary hire.  She was shortly thereafter offered employment as a Legal Assistant. Maribel is a native Spanish speaker. She brings to Schauermann Thayer over 30 years of legal experience and has worked in Alaska, Oregon and Washington. She was born in Texas and moved to Alaska when she was 16. She moved to the Pacific Northwest about 11 years ago and her family followed shortly thereafter. She enjoys helping others, volunteering in the community and spending time with her family and grandchildren.

Paula Kleven, Office Administrator – Paula has worked in the legal field since 1989. Paula has been with the firm since 1992 and has ably served as the firm’s Office Administrator and all-purpose back-up. She recently became one of the first in the country to receive the title “Certified Needles Manager”, an honor given to only a handful of legal office managers. Paula has lived in the Northwest her whole life and graduated from Battle Ground High school. When not at the office, she enjoys doing paint-by-number, watching movies and spending time with family.

Linda Malattia, Legal Secretary – Linda is the firm’s legal secretary and is responsible for getting the work done and out the door! Linda was born and raised in the Northwest. In her spare time, when she is not running to various activities with her grandchildren, she and her husband enjoy bowling, and hiking. She also enjoys reading, and the theater.

Becky Fitzgerald, Records Clerk – Becky is in charge of client’s records and billings. Over 20 years ago, she and her husband of 38 years moved to the Northwest from their home in Pennsylvania. Since then they have come to love it here. Becky has four children, and is a grandma to three beautiful grandchildren. When not working, she loves to read, visit the Oregon coast and raise succulents.

Melissa Knowles, Receptionist – Melissa joined Schauermann Thayer in 2019 as the Front Desk Receptionist. Originally from southern California, Melissa moved to Vancouver with her family when she was 11 years old. She is married with two kids and three dogs. When she isn’t at the office or taking care of her family, she loves to relax, catch up on favorite TV shows and do some online shopping.