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Vancouver Dangerous and Defective Product Lawyers


Schauermann Thayer attorneysDangerous and defective products injure and even kill consumers ever single year. These accidents can occur at work, at home, and at play. When a defect in the design, manufacturing, or warnings associated with a product causes harm, our experienced attorneys will fight for our clients against those responsible.

With large, well-defended corporations often behind the dangerous products, those who are injured may need experienced and skillful attorneys on their side to protect their right to fair compensation.

If a dangerous product harms you or a loved one, you may benefit from speaking with one of our experienced attorneys. You can contact us today by filling out a contact form, or calling now (360) 695-4244 to schedule a free consultation.

Experienced Vancouver Dangerous and Defective Product Lawyers

When a dangerous or defective product or device causes you harm, the manufacturer should take responsibility. Unfortunately, many large corporationsdefective product and manufacturers will do anything to avoid liability. They even have large legal teams on their side working around the clock to reduce their claims. Shouldn’t you have someone on yours?

At Schauermann Thayer, we have the skills and resources to handle complex product liability cases. Our Vancouver dangerous and defective product lawyers have nearly 40 years of experience helping victims get the justice they deserve.

We are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with product manufacturers, including large international corporations. We can provide a free case evaluation if you suffered an injury, or tragically lost a loved one, and believe a dangerous product was the cause.

We know that you trusted the manufacturer to produce a safe and reliable product. When that product causes you harm, you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering. Our law firm can help you do that.

What Type of Dangerous and Defective Products Fall Under Product Liability

There are many reasons why a product can be dangerous or defective. The design can be faulty, the manufacturer may have cut corners during production, or it might have failed to test the product properly before launch. No matter why a product is defective, consumers have a right to hold manufacturers liable for the harm they’ve suffered.

Any product can be the basis for a product liability case if it results in serious injury, including:

  • Medical devices;
  • Dangerous drugs and pharmaceuticals;
  • Toys;
  • Automotive parts;
  • Clothing;
  • Playground equipment; and/or
  • Tools and construction equipment.

Proving Product Liability in Vancouver

Product liability laws require that all injured consumers show the following elements when trying to win a liability case:

  1. You suffered injury or losses;
  2. The product contained a defect;
  3. The defect caused your injury; and
  4. You used the product “as intended”.

In general, there are three main types of product defects: design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects occur when a product is damaged during the construction or production of that item. In these cases, not all items are defective, just the one you used. Your attorney will need to show that the product you used contained a defect that led to your injury.

Design Defects

Design defects are a bit harder to establish. These defects exist before the product is produced, meaning that all products will contain this defect. A common example is a defective airbag design.

Marketing Defect

When a company markets a product, they must do so responsibly. Failure to warn of a hazard is one way that manufacturers can be held accountable for their faulty products. Failure to provide adequate warnings can lead to serious injury.

Our Product Liability Law Firm in Vancouver Delivers Results

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience with consumer laws and statutes protecting workers and consumers. When workers and consumers are exposed to risks that could have been avoided through proper product testing, adequate warnings and safety labels, and other means, we are here to help. We also call on engineers and other experts capable of evaluating products and providing credible testimony on the cause of product failures.

Over the past several decades, our firm has achieved favorable recoveries in product liability cases, such as:

  • Ladder accidents and other falls on construction sites;
  • Serious injuries due to defective equipment used in the lumber industry; and
  • Dangerous products that caused workplace electrical fires.

We are also prepared to review your potential case against a manufacturer or other responsible party after household injuries or wrongful death related to:

  • Automobile component failures, including those resulting in SUV or car rollover accidents and roof crush injuries;
  • Defective power tools, ladders and other equipment, portable beds and other products used around the house that cause serious injuries; and
  • Improperly labeled and inadequately child-proofed chemicals and other dangerous products.

Contact Our Vancouver Dangerous and Defective Product Lawyers Today

If you suffered harm after using a dangerous or defective product in Vancouver, Washington, it is important to know that you are not alone. Don’t hesitate to seek legal representation quickly.

Don’t sign anything without first speaking to our Vancouver dangerous and defective product attorneys.

Contact a Vancouver dangerous and defective product attorney from Schauermann Thayer today by filling out a contact form, or calling now (360) 695-4244 to schedule a free consultation.