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“Scott is an excellent personal injury attorney. Scott is well versed in the law, fair minded, appropriately aggressive, creative and is a named partner at one of Vancouver’s preeminent personal injury law firms. I highly recommend Scott and his partners at Schauermann Thayer Jacobs Staples & Edwards PS.”

– Erin McAleer, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Scott is an excellent trial attorney and is part of one of Southwest Washington’s premier civil litigation teams.”

– Douglas Palmer, Workers Compensation Attorney

“I have worked with Scott and his firm on a number of cases and have found him to be a hardworking, intelligent attorney. I endorse this lawyer without reservation.”

– Duane Crandall, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Scott is a good attorney and always willing to listen. I endorse this lawyer.”

– John Peterson, Personal Injury Attorney


“Scott is an outstanding attorney that diligently and effectively advocates on behalf of his clients. He’s extremely knowledgeable and consistently achieves positive results for his clients. Our firm has recommended his services in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”

– Nicholas Thede, Litigation Attorney

“I had the opportunity to work as opposing counsel with Scott on several cases. He was very well prepared and an effective, zealous advocate for his clients. He was not afraid to put in the effort and extra work if he felt his clients were not being treated fairly. I would recommend his services.”

– Matthew Rizzo, Car Accident Attorney

“Scott is a smart attorney and strong advocate for his clients. He and I have presented legal training courses together and he has an excellent knowledge of the complex issues in his area of practice. I highly recommend him.”

– Jane Clark, Medical Malpractice Attorney

“I endorse Scott Edwards’ work. Fortunately, I have worked with Scott on several matters in the past. He is thorough, insightful, and on top of his game. Even better is the fact that not only is Scott an excellent lawyer, but he is down to earth and a great person as well. If you are looking for a smart, aggressive lawyer that actually treats you as a person, look no further. You’ve found him in Scott.”

– Quinn Posner, Personal Injury Attorney

“Scott is a wonderful lawyer. He is very responsive to his clients and is honest.”

– John Peterson, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. He is knowledgeable, sharp, and professional.”

– Nathan Peterson, Family Attorney

“I have had the wonderful privilege to know Scott both during law school and while working for the same law firm for several years. I also have known Scott as a colleague as we are both owners of personal injury law practices. I know Scott to be trustworthy, understanding, and passionate in helping his clients. I definitely recommend him as a personal injury attorney.”

– William Quillen, Car Accident Attorney

“Scott is a solid guy who treats everyone with respect. He knows his stuff. Thumbs up.”

– Christopher Rounds, Personal Injury Attorney

“Scott works for a great firm in Vancouver. He and I share similar backgrounds – we both used to work in insurance defense. Knowing how the other side works helps us build a strong plaintiff cases.”

– Karen Koehler, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Scott is a very intelligent and hard working person. You can ensure that he will effectively handle any matter that you bring his way.”

– Matthew Fischer, Family Law Attorney

“Mr. Edwards is a very capable and personable attorney. I most value his integrity and willingness to do whatever is necessary to take care of his clients. I highly recommend Mr. Edwards to any in need of his services.”

– Charles Hallberg, Personal Injury Attorney

“Scott is highly personable and a trustworthy advocate no matter what curve ball is thrown at you. I endorse this lawyer.”

– Erin McAleer, DUI and DWI Attorney


“I had the pleasure of attending law school with Brad for three years. Brad has a genuine passion for helping people. He goes beyond the desire to be a good person and actively extends his generosity and intellect to solve his clients’ problems. I am confident that he will continue to help people through the practice of law, and I have no doubt that he will always put his best efforts forward to help his clients. I am happy to endorse this lawyer.”

– Steven Mastanduno, Estate Planning Attorney

“Brad is a bright, professional and diligent attorney who will place his clients’ interests first.”

– John Pollino, Litigation Attorney

“Brad is sharp, professional, and down to earth. An outstanding member of our legal community.”

– Jesse Jacobs, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. A mix of intellect and hard work make Brad a good lawyer.”

– Rebecca Pitts, Elder Law Attorney

“Brad is very smart, hardworking and committed to excellence. He also happens to work for one of the premier personal injury firms in the state. Without hesitation I endorse this lawyer.”

– Kathryn Thayer, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse Brad Thayer. His knowledge and experience enable him to effectively advocate for his clients. Plus, he is a good guy to boot.”

– Aaron Reichenberger, Car Accident Attorney

“Brad is a diligent attorney and I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.”

– Michael Godfrey, Workers Compensation Attorney


“Ben is a very knowledgeable attorney. He is known in our legal community as a lawyer to go to if you need help with a case. He obtains good results for his client.”

– John Terry, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I highly endorse Ben Melnick, very hard working diligent attorney that does a great job for his clients.”

– Jordan Taylor, Medical Malpractice Attorney

“Ben works to find creative, successful solutions for his clients. He is a good assessor of the strengths and weakness of his cases. I appreciate Ben’s feedback as he brings an original perspective to criminal defense work.”

– Andrew Wheeler, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Ben is bright and creative attorney who is never afraid to stand up for his clients, even if that means taking a case all the way to trial (where he is often successful at getting a favorable verdict). Additionally, Ben is always up to date on the latest issues in the field and is well respected in the legal community. Whenever I have an tough or unique issue that I need some feedback on, Ben is always one of the first attorneys I go to. I fully endorse Ben Melnick.”

– Alex Uskoski, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Ben is a very skilled attorney. I have worked with Ben on the Clark County Young Lawyers Section Board and have observed his work in court as a devoted advocate for his clients. He is very knowledgeable and always prepared.”

– Elizabeth Arwood, Family and  Juvenile Law, and Criminal Defense Attorney


“William ‘Bill’ Thayer has exceptional substantive skills as a lawyer, and honest compassion for his clients that enable him to give them the very best representation. I don’t hesitate to refer my friends and clients to Bill on matters in his area of expertise.”

– David Meyer, Real Estate Attorney

“Bill Thayer is an experienced and compassionate attorney who is very dedicated to his clients. Over the years we have worked on the opposite side of cases and on the same side, but regardless of the situation, he is always prepared and on top of the issues. I highly recommend his services.”

– Bruce Colven, Construction and Development Attorney

“Bill Thayer is a great lawyer in a great firm, I endorse him unconditionally.”

– Bill Robison, Personal Injury Attorney

“Bill and his firm always take excellent care of their clients.”

– Mark Muenster, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Bill is a great lawyer and a good friend. I’ve called him for advice many times and he is always willing to help. I endorse this lawyer.”

– John Peterson, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Bill is a thoughtful and experienced lawyer who really cares about his clients. Bill vigorously and professionally represents his clients.”

– Grant Gehrmann, Medical Malpractice Attorney

“Top notch litigator. Really cares about his clients.”

– Donald Jacobs, Personal Injury Attorney