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Having trouble going to sleep?  Having trouble staying asleep?  Can’t stop watching the all day, all night news channels?  Wondering how the election is going to play out?  You may be suffering from “Election Anxiety Syndrome”.

This “syndrome” seems real to many.  The good news is that the vote counting starts in 19 days.  Your ballot should be coming to your home in the next couple of days.

No matter your political persuasion, make sure you vote!  And vote early!  Particularly if you are voting by mail, but in any case.  Volunteer, if you can safely, to ensure a smooth and fair voting process.  Donate, if you can (and if it is not too late).  But, above all – vote.

Hopefully your “election anxiety disorder” will go away when the ads for political candidates end and the votes are all counted.

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Craig F. Schauermann

Formerly a founding partner, along with Bill Thayer. Effective July 1, 2015, Craig Schauermann transitioned from managing partner of the firm to an "Of Counsel" role with the firm. Craig continues his long history of mentorship to the firm's attorneys and contributes to the firm's active handling of its cases.

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